The Iceland Dialogue is a blog site for the activities that take place during a common project that is run in the Iceland Academy of Art in Reykjavik, Iceland. The course leader is professor Halldór Gíslason.

The location for the project in 2012 is in the premises of the Faculty of Visual Arts in Laugarnes, but the student groups can operate where they feel they manage best after each morning session.

The object of the course apart from being about talking together is to wonder if there will be an other society in Iceland in the future or if it will just go back to the same grove it was in before the crash in 2008. Many wonder if anything will change and we will forget fast and love our bankers and business men again. Or should the creative people be more active in the future of society?

The argument for this course is that the academic system today is result driven where one course comes after an other and there is no time to take time to have a dialogue, and especially between the different fields in the academy. The course includes students from all the faculties in the academy and the students work together across specialized fields having a dialogue and disseminating to each other. The course is split into 10 different groups with one mentor driving each group.